January Forms for Brown Belts and Black Belts

We begin a whole new month of training tomorrow!
Beginning with the Hsing I 2 Person Set in the morning! One of the more involved 2 person sets, this form will show you the many applications of the 5 Roads and 12 Animals. This class is open to 1st degree black belts and above. Required for advancement to 3rd degree black belt. We’ll have live streams during class time and recorded videos available tomorrow morning. Sign up online or in class.
For our Black Belt class, we begin Endurance Punch and Kick. We begin the month with 500 Kicks and 1000 Punches. This class will be live streamed during Black Belt class as well.
Brown Belts begin Chie Ch’ien (Connecting Fist), the sister form to Lien Wu Chang and part of the Shantung Whirling Palm system. We’ll be live streaming during Brown Belt class and videos will be available tomorrow morning.
Looking forward to an amazing month/year of training! See you soon!