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7 Star Sword on 10/13/20

7 Star Straight Sword is tomorrow, 10/13, in lieu of regular class time. This elegant sword form is only taught once every 2 years! Get your swords while supplies last. Sign up online or in class! Onl...
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Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Raleigh

Shao-Lin Kung Fu is a 1500 year old Chinese martial art developed by the monks in Honan Province for health, mental and physical conditioning and self-defense. The system encompasses empty hand, the 18 classical weapons, and animal fighting styles. Internal areas include Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Hsing-I, Wooden Man and ancient breathing & meditation. The Chinese Shao-Lin Center (CSC) of Raleigh serves Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding area, including Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, Knightdale and more. Located in Cary, the North Carolina school is part of a network of 9 centers that span across the Southwest United States and reach as far as the country of Spain. We encourage you to spend some time on our site and learn what traditional Martial Arts training is all about. We also invite you to visit our school and observe a class.

Why learn Shao-Lin?

We offer training that you cannot find anywhere else in North Carolina! We have the most comprehensive martial art from the Orient and Shao-Lin Kung Fu is considered the origin of all the martial arts. True Shao-Lin training is for health and self-defense, not for body destructive gymnastics or point-sparring tournaments! At the Chinese Shao-Lin Center, you will train in a non-competitive environment. We also offer the most affordable rates for instruction in North Carolina. Check out our Classes and Membership pages to find the membership right for you!  

Who is Kung Fu for?

Age, gender, or ethnicity is not an issue when training in Shao-Lin. As it was in Shao-Lin Temples of Ancient China, our student body is comprised of many gendered students at all levels. Students span from age 12 through age 80. People from all walks of life, including teachers, actresses, electricians, surgeons, farmers, law enforcement, acupuncturists, small business owners, herbalists, students, and military personnel have trained at CSC Raleigh. They've also come from many different countries, including Taiwan, Mexico, China, Great Britain, and Italy. Everyone needs exercise! This ancient Chinese form of fitness is the only proven exercise method to ensure a long, healthy life! We have the finest, most complete, most diverse, and most authentic martial arts training in North Carolina! Please call and compare our prices, hours available, and curriculum to any other martial art school in the state! See our Contact page to request more info.

Our Students

Our students come from many walks of life. As the Shao-Lin monks did over 1500 years ago, we built a community of support, fun, and growth. Come in to meet our incredible students, and see why they love to participate in our classes!