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Tai Chi

Beginner Tai Chi
Includes 6 Chi Kung Postures and 24 Combined Form
Advanced Tai Chi
Includes Chi Kung Training, Martial Application, and Refinement of Movements

Lower Belt

Includes Sparring Techniques 1-5, Staff Spins 1-4, Chin Na 1-5, and Se Meng Tao Lian
Includes Sparring Techniques 6-10, Nunchaku Techniques 1-17, Chin Na 6-10, and Fei Hu Chu Tung
Includes Sparring Techniques 11-15, Se Mien Pa Fang Pang, Chin Na 11-15, and Tai Peng Sin Kune
Includes Sparring Techniques 16-20, Pei Fang Chi Kai Pang, Chin Na 16-20, and Lohan Chien

Brown Belt

Luo tien/chan ie
Descends From Heaven/Spreading of the Wings
YEH CH'AN PA Feng tao
8-Direction Night Battle Broadsword

Black Belt

hei hu tao tsin
Black Tiger Yanks Out the Heart
Lohan short forms
30 Northern Fist Techniques

Wooden Man

Part I
Introduction to wooden man, with 24 unique techniques
Part II
6 forms containing 8 moves each
Part III
3 Short Roads of the Iron Mantis
Part IV
12 Advanced Devastating Techniques
Part V
Tai Chi Application
Part VI
Pa Kua Application
Part VII
Hsing I Application
Meteor Fist Application
Part IX
Conditioning of the hands, forearms, elbows, knees, shins, and feet
Part X
Original 5 Animal Training
Part XI
Single Short Stick, Double Short Stick, and Staff Application
Part XII
Traditional wooden man training containing 108 movements

Special Classes

Hsing i 6 harmonies staff
Double Tapered Staff with Hsing I application
(Available through Sep 30th, 2020)
Application and conditioning using the rattan staff
(Available through Sep 22nd, 2020)
Techniques for each of the 5 Roads: Splitting, Crushing, Drilling, Pounding, Crossing
(Available through Oct 31st, 2020)
San he' chien
Iron Monk Form (3 Measures Fist)
(Available through Oct 17th, 2020)
yueh Fei's 18 continuous postures
Chi Kung Training developed by the famous General Yueh Fei
(Available through Oct 23rd, 2020)