Physical and Mental Healing – One Class at a Time – Mandy B.

I started two years ago as a disabled, unhealthy housewife in her 50s with an incurable severe dizzy neuro-disorder and am now preparing to become a BLACK BELT!!! Shao-Lin training in Kung Fu & Tai Chi retrained my brain despite top neurologists and physical therapists telling me there is nothing that can be done! That’s remarkable in itself, but add on my weight loss of 80lb total in 2 years, as well significant improvement of my liver function due to the training becoming a whole life changing experience! I got healthier AND happier as the amazing environment creates real confidence to keep on keeping on! I had my medically bad days where I lay on the floor too dizzy or cried in the bathroom because I couldn’t handle being so sick, but everyone at the center supported me and encouraged me. That just being there was an achievement and my pace is my own. Not only was I recovering physically but the positive environment and confidence as I improved facilitated me recovering from decades of depression and managing PTSD. These aspects weren’t even on my radar as a reason to go to the Shao-Lin center but now I am growing in many ways!

The incredible big picture is I’m spending time having a lot of fun whilst learning Kung Fu and doing it despite being so ill! It has changed my life infinitely on many levels. Shao-Lin is nothing like ANY other martial arts schools I have been to with its endless variety of empty hand and weapon forms and being taught with clarity regardless of how complex the forms are. I know the humble instructors and students will check in on me and each other to ensure that every student is understanding the material. This true caring and community the heart of the Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Raleigh! It’s not just due to being disabled. Athletes, experienced martial artists, and beginners are all given respect and honor to help them move at their pace and enjoy. For me my results are nothing short of shocking to have come so and still have incredible fun!