Online Training Update

Beginning tomorrow, November 3rd, 2020, we’ll be live streaming from the school during regular class time. To join the live stream:

1. Go to the “Current Student” section of our website and log in (
2. Click on the “Live Classes” link and open the Google Meet link during your class time.

The live stream is open to all CSC-Raleigh students. Whether you are in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and/or Wooden Man, this training will be accessible to you!

We’ll be doing the warmups together for the online and in person groups. When it’s time to work on our material/forms, we’ll refer the online group to which training video(s) they should watch. We’ll mute and turn off our camera during this time so that you only see/hear your respective training video. Towards the end of class, we’ll come back to the online group to see if there are any questions.

During Brown Belt class this month, we’ll be doing Lien Wu Chang. We’ll do the Brown Belt warmup together for the online and in person group. Then the online group will watch the pre-recorded Section 1 of Lien Wu Chang at their own pace while the in person group works on Section 1 at the same time. We’ll come back online towards the end of class to see if there are any questions on Section 1 of Lien Wu Chang.

If you have any questions, please reach out. See you soon!