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7 Star Sword on 10/13/20

7 Star Straight Sword is tomorrow, 10/13, in lieu of regular class time. This elegant sword form is only taught once every 2 years! Get your swords while supplies last. Sign up online or in class! Online training will be available through 11/13/20

Yueh Fei’s 18 Continuous Postures Tomorrow, 9/23

Yue Fei’s 18 Continuous Postures will be taught tomorrow, 9/23, 7-9 pm following Wooden Man. These postures are a great way to build up strength throughout the body, especially the legs! Open to Brown Belts and Above. Sign up online or in class. Online training material will be available until October 23.

San He’ Chien

San He Chien, The 3 Measures Fist, will be tomorrow, 9/15, in lieu of regular classes. This form is the foundation of rooting and external strength. For this class, we’ll be focusing more on more breathing techniques and focus to help improve your iron monk training! Open to all CSC Raleigh students! Sign up online […]

2 Person Staff Set 8/18/20

TOMORROW, 8/18. We’ll be doing our 2 Person Staff set in place of regular classes. We’ll be focusing on staff conditioning, 5 staff spins, and the 2 sides of the 2 person set. Open to students of all levels! The class will be available in person and online. To sign up: 1) Pay for the […]

No Classes Saturday, August 8, 2020

We’ll be closed this weekend as we’ll be in Denver for the monk spade form: Sagacious Lu – Battle at Twin Dragons Peak. We’ll be back open again on Tuesday! Online training will be available for regular classes.

Hsing I 6 Harmonies Staff

We begin the Hsing I 6 Harmonies Staff on August 1st, 2020, for 5 weeks! 10:45 to 11:45 am every Saturday. Using the double tapered staff with the principles of Hsing I, this form is explosive and powerful. Being one of the toughest forms for your test to 3rd degree black belt, you’ll want to […]

August 9th Festival

Join us for an exciting festival learning the Monk's Spade. This form has not ever been taught at our school.

Phase 2 reopening plans

With the next phase of reopening, we are doing outdoor classes in addition to our online training