Archive of month: January 2022

Open Today, 1/29

We are open today! If you can’t make it in person, we’ll be live streaming our classes as usual.

All Classes Online 1/22/22, No In Person Classes

Due to the weather, we won’t have in person classes today. All classes will be livestreamed online, beginning with the Hsing I 2 Person Set all the way to lower belt class. See you online!

Open Tonight, 1/20/22

We will be open for in person classes tonight! We’ll also be livestreaming if you would prefer to avoid the roads.

Single Nunchaku 1/18/22

Single Nunchaku class is tomorrow, 1/18, in place of regular class. Link all 17 basic spins into a single form! No nunchaku experience required, we’ll begin with the basics. Open to White Belts and above. Sign up online or in class. Livestream and online videos will be available.