Archive of month: November 2020

No Classes 11/26/20

We’ll be closed tomorrow, 11/26. Classes will resume on Saturday, 11/28. See you soon!

Technical Punch and Kick – 11/17/2020

Technical Punch and Kick Class is tomorrow, 11/17, in place of regular classes. Improve the power of your strikes through snap, rooting, and focus! Open to White Belts and Above. You’ll have the option of using the shields, wooden man, punching bag, or practice in the air this year. We’ll also be live streaming the […]

Hsing I Linkage Begins 11/14/20

The Hsing I Linkage Form begins 11/14/20, 10:45 to 11:45 am. This form links the 5 Roads that we did 2 months ago. Open to 1st Degree Black Belts and Above, and is required for advancement to 3rd Degree Black Belt. The class will be live streamed for those training at home, and videos of […]

Online Training Update

Beginning tomorrow, November 3rd, 2020, we’ll be live streaming from the school during regular class time. To join the live stream: 1. Go to the “Current Student” section of our website and log in ( 2. Click on the “Live Classes” link and open the Google Meet link during your class time. The live stream […]