Archive of month: July 2022

Hua To Live, 7/27/22

Tomorrow, 7/27, we continue with Hua To’s Chi Kung Training: Hua To Live (7:30-9:30 pm Eastern, after Wooden Man in place of Brown Belt and Black Belt classes). Open To: All CSC-Raleigh Students Required For: 2nd to 3rd Degree Black Belt Fee for taking Hua To Live for the 1st Time: $50 Repeat Attendance: Free! Must have active membership […]

Technical Punch and Kick, 7/21/22

Technical Punch and Kick Class is tomorrow, 7/21, in place of regular classes. Improve the power of your strikes through snap, rooting, and focus! Open to: All CSC-Raleigh students Required for: Advancement to 1st Degree Black Belt We’ll be live streaming the class. No recorded videos will be provided. Sign up online ( or in […]

Single nunchaku 7/12/22

Single Nunchaku class is tomorrow, 6/12, in place of regular class. Link all 17 basic spins into a single form! No nunchaku experience required, we’ll begin with the basics. Open to: All CSC-Raleigh Students Required for: 1st Degree Brown Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt 1st Time Taking Single Nunchaku Class Fee: $40 Repeat Attendance: Free! Must have active […]