Archive of month: January 2021

Skewer the Sun Sword 1/26/21

Skewer the Sun Sword is tomorrow, 1/26, in lieu of regular classes. This elegant straight sword form is taught only once every 2 years! Sign up online or in class. We’ll be live streaming the class and providing online videos as well.

Single Nunchaku 1/12/21

Single Nunchaku class is tomorrow, 1/12, in place of regular class. Link all 17 basic spins into a single form! No nunchaku experience required, we’ll begin with the basics. Open to White Belts and above. Sign up online or in class. Livestream and online videos will be available.

January Forms for Brown Belts and Black Belts

We begin a whole new month of training tomorrow! Beginning with the Hsing I 2 Person Set in the morning! One of the more involved 2 person sets, this form will show you the many applications of the 5 Roads and 12 Animals. This class is open to 1st degree black belts and above. Required […]