Archive of month: March 2021

2 Person Staff Set Tomorrow, 3/23/21

Pang vs Pang, 2-Person Staff Set, is tomorrow, 3/23 in lieu of regular classes. Learn the offensive and defensive techniques of your double ended staff! We’ll also teach spin #5! Sign up online or in class. This form is required for advancement to 1st degree black belt. Live streaming and recorded videos will be provided […]

Classes are on for Tonight, 3/18/21

Classes are still on for tonight! We’ll also have the live stream going if you would prefer to train from home. See you soon!

I Chin Ching Begins 3/6/21

Ta Mo’s I Chin Ching begins tomorrow, 3/6, for every Saturday in March! We’re doing things a little different this year. The class will be from 1:45 to 2:15 pm. We’ll use the last few minutes of the class and beginning of Kung Fu to do Tai Chi as well. Known as the Muscle Tendon […]