Archive of month: April 2021

San He Chien 4/27/21

San He Chien, The 3 Measures Fist, will be tomorrow, 4/27, in lieu of regular classes. This form is the foundation of rooting and external strength. Bring your rebreakable boards! Open to White Belts and above! Sign up online or in class. Live streaming and recorded videos will be available for this class.

Yin/Yang Stretching and Conditioning 4/6/21

Yin/Yang Stretching and Conditioning is tomorrow, 4/6, 7:15-9:15 pm. A great way to push yourself to greater strength and flexibility! Open to White Belts and Above. Required for advancement to 1st degree black belt. Sign up online or in class. We’ll be live streaming the class. No recorded videos will be available.

Hsing I 12 Animals Begins 4/3/21

Hsing I 12 Animals Begins Tomorrow, 4/3, 10:45 to 11:45 am EST for 4 weeks! Open to 1st degree black belts and above. Required for advancement to 3rd degree black belts. Then we begin Tiger Descends the Golden Mountain for Brown Belts. We’ll also be going over 1 step sparring techniques, 1 step fighting techniques, […]